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About us

The project Monferrato to Taste

Monferrato To Taste was born from the passion and knowledge of a territory, the Unesco Monferrato, an area of Piedmont rich in historical, cultural and artistic heritage and above all synonymous with food and wine excellence. Five women, travel agents from the province of Alessandria, friends and colleagues, have thus created a showcase of the excellence of Monferrato.
The boxes are journeys of taste that tell the story of Monferrato: they suggest emotions and invite you to personally discover the places, people and values of a unique and authentic land.

Monferrato To Taste is not a mere virtual shop where you can find products of the highest quality, organic and attentive to sustainability: it is an extraordinary reality of small producers, farms and artisans who every day, in their excellence, transmit passion, respect for nature and traditions of unique places and identities. The experience offered to the consumers involves them in a food and wine journey that goes beyond the consumption itself and allows them to understand the culture, stories, traditions, anecdotes of the product they are purchasing, tasting and seeing.
This knowledge will lead them to seek new informations, share emotions and re-seek experiences during his travels.
The selection of companies takes place by directly visiting the production sites, documenting and telling what happens behind each individual product. Every research makes us discover the slow rhythm of the seasons, the wisdom of the elderly, our history.
To identify the portal and certify the uniqueness of the chosen products, a brand was created that could be synonymous with quality and representative abroad of Italian excellence in the food and wine sector.The aim of the project therefore remains the valorization of the identity of the Monferrato, small local realities, guardians of traditional knowledge and flavours, but also protecting biodiversity and promoting respect for the territory: an invitation to rediscover our lands of origin with unique products made in an ethical and sustainable way.
And through their decades of professionalism in incoming tourism, their tour operator Monferrato Travel   combines the marketing of products with the sale of tourist packages and the sale of sensory experiences linked to the world of food and wine, and the selection of unique experiences in the area in order to create in the travelers an emotional memory and a bond between them and this corner of Piedmont, which makes them feel more and more welcome as guests and not just as tourists. 

With the touristic itineraries created by Monferrato Travel, we try to enhance the precious food and wine heritage of Monferrato at an international level, intercepting tourism flows and starting a virtuous process of developing companies dedicated to food and wine excellence and hospitality services of incoming circuits. 

The excellences – not only agri-food – present throughout the entire territory are called to integrate with the tourist offer supported by the added value of the food and wine heritage, as an attractive tourist brand both on foreign markets and on the Italian market. The two brands are self-referential and the two food and wine & tourism itineraries of Monferrato will integrate in support of the territorial development policies, promoted by public and private bodies and organisations.
Since 2022, Monferrato Travel has been part of the technical management staff of VIAE per Viaggiare, a tourism development project that integrates itineraries and experiential trips between Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy.

ROSANNA STIRONE  legal representative and responsible for communication and relations between institutions – incoming designer
ROBERTA CATTARIN   marketing manager – technical director for Monferrato Travel and VIAE  – incoming designer
TIZIANA PASTORINO  commercial/sales manager and contract manager – incoming designer
LAURA D’ANNA   e-commerce after-sales manager – incoming designer
CINZIA GASTALDI  commercial/sales manager   – logistics manager.

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