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Touristic Itineraries

Monferrato TravelDiscovering tourist itineraries

Monferrato is an authentic and hospitable land, full of beauties waiting to be discovered.
We create original programs with a strong connection to the territory, giving value to the traditions of small artisans and selected producers. We combine activities to make you experience our Monferrato “in all senses” in a slow and sustainable way, giving you emotions.
Discover some examples of our itineraries between history, art, food and nature.

Tourist itineraries designed by professionals who love the area in which they work and live.
Each route is designed to fulfill your every desire and passion, experience Monferrato with us.

A weekend discovering the Roman town of Acqui Terme where the thermal water flows in the historic center at 75° C and then a unique experience in nature by sleeping in a barrel equipped with all comforts.
A "slow" journey through the wine-growing landscapes of Monferrato UNESCO: a territory where tradition and uniqueness blend, to be discovered and enjoyed.
A weekend of shopping in the largest outlet in Europe, the SERRAVALLE DESIGNER OUTLET, to discover the Lands of Gavi.
An itinerary to discover the city of Ovada and its gentle hills on the Dolcetto DOC route. Along the roads, enchanting vineyards caressed by the winds coming from the sea, which infuse the wine with captivating notes particular of this border land.
An itinerary to discover the city of Ovada and the nearby medieval villages that preserve ancient walls and majestic castles.
The city of Alexandria's connection to Napoleon is palpable; the town still retains its medieval starry heart and the charm of a discreet town which underwent profound changes even after the fall of Bonaparte.