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Esperienza Categoria: Nature



An unusual and fun experience to discover Ruchè, one of the rarest native vine variety of Monferrato. The story of a parish priest and his vineyards, the Municipalities where the wine is produced and the secrets of Ruchè, while traveling in…

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Yoga and Naturopathy courses

Deep in the hills, in farmhouses or B&Bs in contact with Nature, thanks to our teachers you will learn techniques to train body and mind and find full balance and well-being.

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Spontaneous Herbs Laboratory

In Alto Monferrato, with the wise guidance of our naturalistic expert, we will take a journey to discover the spontaneous herbs that naturally grow in the area. During the experience the World of the Plant world will be revealed in all…

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Lavender in Monferrato

Crossing the flowering lavender fields with their blue-purple shades, intoxicating yourself with the intense scent amidst the buzzing of the bees… yes! In Monferrato! And then discover all the processing secrets of this medicinal herb and its many uses in cosmetics…

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Harvest in the vineyard

Come and harvest the grapes in the splendid Monferrato Unesco vineyards, in a historic winery founded in 1920. After a walk in the vineyard among a thousand colours, under the expert guidance of the master winemakers, collect the precious bunches of…

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