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Touristic Itineraries

Monferrato TravelDiscovering tourist itineraries

Monferrato is an authentic and hospitable land, full of beauties waiting to be discovered.
We create original programs with a strong connection to the territory, giving value to the traditions of small artisans and selected producers. We combine activities to make you experience our Monferrato “in all senses” in a slow and sustainable way, giving you emotions.
Discover some examples of our itineraries between history, art, food and nature.

Tourist itineraries designed by professionals who love the area in which they work and live.
Each route is designed to fulfill your every desire and passion, experience Monferrato with us.

Immersed in the gentle hills of Monferrato UNESCO, a weekend in search of his Majesty the Truffle. Accompanied by our expert “trifolau” women and their trusted "tabui", among woods and hazelnut groves, you will undergo a unique sensorial experience which will be completed with a v
PROVENCE IN PIEDMONT A journey that will take you to discover the magnificent blue fields, among castles, enchanted woods and artistic parks
A weekend discovering Monferrato riding a motorbike
Alessandria has been the city of the "hat" since when, in 1857, Giuseppe Borsalino founded a small felt hat factory which invented a "fashion", a "style" destined for worldwide success. The town still retains the charm of a discreet town.
Starting from the Roman city of Libarna, a historical-archaeological and food and wine route which will lead the tourist to discover the local products that still preserve the most authentic expression of the past.
An itinerary in full contact with Monferrato Nature to discover the vineyards and the most prestigious wines that originate from them, the fauna and flora in an Oasis farm affiliated with the WWF since 2007.