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Luxury and Unusual The Masters of the Goldsmith's Art Gold Experience

The Masters of the Goldsmith’s Art Gold Experience

The Gold Experience is the first and only guided tour of a historic goldsmith company, an excellence in craftsmanship based in Valenza since 1957. During the exclusive experience it will be possible to learn how jewels are made through a cultural and sensorial journey.
Four stops on the tour:
– DNA Art with the history of the family starting from the grandfather, famous artist and painter: the goldsmith’s art and the pictorial art united to excite.
– The Museum or the Hall of History where the Masters Goldsmiths’ equipment evolution is retraced and where the numerous national and international awards awarded to the company are exhibited;
– The Factory, or inside the Goldsmith’s workshop: here the various phases of creating a jewel are illustrated, from the design idea (the hand drawing and then the transposition into 3D), moving on to the waxes, up to the choice of materials and precious stones. You will be amazed at how many steps there are in the expert goldsmith’s hands to arrive at a jewel to wear.
– The Boutique, the showcase of exclusive creations to be admired and purchased with the advice of a real jewelery guide.
An authentic journey into Goldsmith craftsmanship that has made the city of Valenza synonymous with excellence in the world.